Saturday, March 26, 2005

STILLWATER, OK:Iím sure a lot of people are weighing in on the Terri Schiavo case in their blogs. I will refrain from doing so.Not much more can be said, except that I tend to agree with Bill OíReilly on the overall concept of the matter.Now, if she would just die already . . . .


Major League Soccer season kicks off one week from today and I am feeling more and more isolated here in Oklahoma.Iíve tried to reach out and find other soccer fans to even just watch the Mexico versus USA World Cup Qualifying match tomorrow, but it appears that I will have to watch it at home and alone.I canít even have the pleasure of listening to the match en espaŮol because there is no Telemundo affiliate in either Tulsa or Oklahoma City.Iím stuck with the ho-hum broadcast style of ESPN2.There is simply no excitement in the way that English language soccer is broadcast. Itís no wonder folks canít get into it.Since the hockey commentators have been out of work, maybe itís time to train some for some new play by play.Spanish-language broadcasters seemed to have been trained for radio, and they hence bring that descriptive style and emotional voice inflection to their TV broadcasts.I prefer this.Why? Because I can walk away from the TV and not miss much because Iím listening to the voice inflections.When the action moves from midfield toward the goal, the good announcer injects more excitement into his voice.When I hear this, I know itís time to look at the tube again to either see a great save or a golazo.Of course, when I try to explain this, I get looked at like Iím out of my fucking mind.Iíve noticed the same vocal styles in Greek, Italian, Korean and Arabic broadcasters of soccer as well.


Yeesh! I canít even get Fox Sports World right now because my husband is hesitant to allow me to upgrade the cable.All I have is espn and espn2 and one single Univision stationóI donít even have Galavision on Cox, which is usually standard cable fare even if there are no Univision affiliates locally. I really really want satellite. AND I WANT IT NOW!Iím jonesing bad!


Wanted: a nice quiet Irish/English style pub in Stillwater. There is a distinct lack of one here.Heard there was a metal club on the Strip, but I donít think Paul knows what heís talking about.When I envision a metal club, I see one with live original bands and one that regularly lands nationally touring acts.Closest thing to that is likely located in Oklahoma City.


ďLife is killing me,Ē Type O Negative.

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